Jan. 9, 2007 - Langenbach Residence

Present: Ken Weinbel (MC), Neal Stoddard, Carole Langenbach, Bob Langenbach, Bill Etnyre, Mark Alexander

I. Minutes from the Oct. 3, 2006 meeting were approved as presented.

II. Treasurer's Report: Balance as of Oct. 3, 2006: $5926.29 with the following activity (Out) $338.00 for Weight Throw Seattle Parks fee - Oct. 14th, $50.00 for XC sanction fee - Oct. 14th, $660 for XC prize money - Nov. 18th and $ 29.06 for XC ribbons and food - Dec. 7th and (IN) $4734.40 for USATF card income for 2006, leaving a balance of $9583.63 as of Jan. 9, 2007. There is an unaccounted $400.00 to Masters as of Sept.11, 2006. Will investigate.

III. Event Reports: 2007 events @ West Seattle Stadium - Spring Fling and RW - April 14th: same price $280. Seattle Classic - July 20-21: Hammer on the 20th (confirmed). New division - sub-masters 19-34 with awards. Frontrunners will host. National Weight Throw - Oct. 6th or 7th (date following football season).

IV. Old Business: Discussed National and Road Racing Champions for Feb. 9th, 2007 Annual Awards Dinner. Will list those that placed 2nd in National events on program. Also, that committee members dinners' are paid for by our committee. (I shall remember that in 2008.)

V. New Business: Need input to obtain help at West Seattle due to lack of paid officials. Welcome to Mark Alexander - new blood.

Next meeting is scheduled for Mar. 6th, 2007 at Langenbachs - 7pm.

Neal Stoddard, Secretary