May 8, 2007 - Langenbach Residence

Present: Ken Weinbel (MC), Neal Stoddard, Mark Alexander, Carole Langenbach, Bob Langenbach

I. Minutes from the April 3, 2007 meeting were approved as presented.

I. Treasurer's Report: Balance as of April 3, 2007: $8956.63 minus $50.00 for the sanction fee of the Spring Fling and Race Walk, leaving a balance of $8905.63 as of May 8, 2007. Will take out $750.00 for Classic and Parks fee for West Seattle Stadium.

III. Events: June 2nd - Seattle Parks 30+ : combined with Senior Games; July 20th - Hammer at 5:50pm; July 21st - Seattle Classic at West Seattle 8:30 - 4:00; Oct. 6th - Nat'l Weight/Superweight.

IV. Old Business: April 14th Spring Fling and Race Walk report: Spring Fling went very well and as for the Race Walk, the Canadian walkers did a 5K with the staged 10K and came up a lap short due to lack of their own lap counters. We recommend that there be two separate races in the fuure. Hy-Tek: Kenny has our (masters) stuff on his computer. He will transfer to a disk (age-graded scale) and give to us. Committee logo: Will table until next meeting. Web bio info: Hall of fame list: Bev Laveck, Steve Robbins, Norm Bright and Ken Weinbel.

V. New Business: Lap counter - since we now have the old lap counter, we must replace the lap sqaures. Masters will purchase if the officials committee won't. Records/meet and course records needed.

Next meeting is scheduled for June 7th, 2007 at Langenbachs - 7pm.

Neal Stoddard, Secretary