Present: Neal Stoddard (AMC), Carole Langenbach and Bob Langenbach.

Minutes from the July 9th, 2007 meeting approved unanimously.

Treasurer's Report: Balance as of July 9th, 2007 was $7,450.63 minus $400.00 to the Officials for the Seattle Classic from Gwen (PNTF account) not Ken (SMAC account), will reimburse leaving a balance of $7,050.63 as of Sept. 16th, 2007. *Seperate Classic account (PNTF sanction): Entry fees $740.00 minus the following: lunches $195.59, programs $197.66 and $130.00 for the Starters leaving a balance of $216.75. Will decide on distribution of balance next meeting.

Events: July 20th-21st, Seattle Classic: Went well as usual with George Mathews as Meet Director due to Ken Weinbels absence. Oct. 5th-6th, Nat'l Wt./Super Wt: The hammer will be held on the 5th and will be contested fron 12 to 3 p.m. due to an event later that day at West Seattle Stadium. Oct. 28th, Association X/C: Masters M&W will both compete at 6K. Nov. 18th, Reg'l and USA v.s. Canada X/C: Masters M 8K and W 6K (maybe same race). Carole will order the ribbons.

Old Business: Super J&J Half-Marathon Masters results: M Keefer When '42' 1:13:13.6 Mount Vernon 10th overall F Alysun Deckert '41' 1:20:35.2 Seattle 29th overall - 2nd woman

New Business: 'Kings' has a bid in for the 2009 National Masters Multi-Events Championships. Masters Committee approved the bid. 'SMAC' has bid for the 2009 & 2010 Nat'l Wt./Super Wt. Championships on Sept. 12th ('09) and Sept. 11th ('10). Sacramento, California will host the 2011 World Masters Championships.

Next meeting will be held on Oct. 2nd (Tuesday) 7:00 p.m. at the Langenbachs.

Neal Stoddard, PNWTF Masters Secretary