Present: Ken Weinbel (MC), Neal Stoddard, Howard Kellogg, Carole Langenbach and Bob Langenbach

Minutes from the Oct. 2, 2007 meeting approved as distributed.

Treasurer's Report: Balance as of Oct. 2, 2007 was $6,718.13 with the following distributions: spent $128.93 for X/C medals and $413.33 for X/C ribbons for both the Association and Reg'l X/C and added $216.75 from the Seattle Classic and $332.50 from the Nat'l Wt./Super Wt. (reimburse Park fee) leaving a balance of $6,725.12 as of Nov. 6, 2007. Future charges will be $136.00 for the Greenlake Community Center following the Reg'l/USA vs Canada Challenge and $895.00 covering the Masters X/C prize money.

Events: Oct. 5th & 6th, 2007: Nat'l Wt./Super Wt.: George Matthews will take over management, Ultra Weight Pentathalon will be put up for bid as a seperate championship.
Oct. 28th, 2007: X/C Championships - Association: Small turnout but great officiating.
Nov. 18th, 2007: Reg'l X/C & USA vs Canada Challenge: Challenge race at 11:30 a.m. with the men doing an 8K and the women doing a 6K. Renamed the trophy after Don Farguharspn. Motion carried to have the awards party at the Greenlake Community Center even if no Canadians participate. Awards will be key chain medals.

2008 Schedule:
April 26th: Spring Fling - Carole researching date so no conflict with the Easton Meet.
July 19th-20th: Seattle Classic (NW Regional) - need to order medals.
August 7th-10th: National Masters (Outdoor) - Spokane
August 8th-24th: Olympics - Beijing, China (5 Officials going).
August 15th-16th: Weight Classic - Seattle.

Old Business: George Mathews is requesting to move fron Inland to PNA.

George Mathews will take over rhe directorship of the Nat'l Wt,/Super Wt. in 2008. National Masters Hall of Fame will be voted on at the Annual Convention in Hawaii.
Masters Committee members designated for the following jobs: Ken - Chair, Neal - Secretary, Bob - Officials, Carole - Treasurer, Howard - Backup for Events, Bill - Frontrunners and Mark - Website.
Next Masters Meeting will be held on Jan. 8th, 2008, tuesday at the Langenbacks commencing at 7:00 p.m.

PNA Masters Secretary, Neal Stoddard
Happy New Year