Held at Discovery Park preceding Annual Meeting

Present: George Mathews (MC), Bill Etnyre (VC), Neal Stoddard and Carole Langenbach

Minutes from the July 7, 2008 Meeting approved as verbally presented.

Treasure's Report:
Balance of $8,984.18 minus the following: $75.00 for the Seattle Classic sanction, $1,015.00 for the Reg'l park fee, $90.00 for misc., $50.00 for the Wt. Throw sanction, $464.94 for Reg'l lunches, $595.00 for Nat'l Wt./Super Wt. for park use and $250.00 for Kennys amplifier (died at Reg'l meet) leaving a balance of $6,443.43 as of Sept. 28, 2008.

Events Report of 2008:
Sept. 1st: Super Jock 'n Jill Half Marathon - Masters Championship:
Kevin McGinnus 44, Ravensdale 1:14:53.5 (M), Susan Emepy 40, M.I. 1:20:31.3
Sept. 5-6th: Wt./Ultra Wt. Championships: Good meet and had computer problems for scoring. Discussed weights (a stone is 14 lbs.).
Nov. 2nd: PNTF X/C: There is prize money.
Nov. 23rd: Club & Regional X/C Championships to be held in Spokane.

New Business:
Budget: 2008 Expenditures (*non annual)
Annual Dinner $550.00, Event sanctions (4) $250.00, Facility usage (3) $1,942.50, Food for Officials $504.25, Postage/Engraving $37.15*, Misc. postage (A.D.) $14.35*, Equipment donation $250.00*, X/C medals/ribbons $549.25, X/C prize money $900,00 and X/C party - U.S. vs Canada $398.00* for a total of $5,395.50.
Budget: 2009
Annual Dinner: $550.00, Event sanctions $250.00, Facility usage $1,440.00 (no 2nd day Reg'l), Food for Officials $304.00 (no 2nd day Reg'l), Awards for Championships $1,000.00, X/C ribbons $300.00 and X/C prize money $900.00 for a total of $4,744.00.

Championship Awards: will look into if more needed.
2009 Schedule: Spring Fling for May 2nd (preferred) April 25th (if) and Seattle Classic on July 18th.
Three (3) International athletics to the Annual Convention - will cover $300 per for expenses.

Adjourned prior to Annual Meeting.

Next Masters Meeting will be held on Jan. 19, 2009 at the Whole Foods Market, 2200 Westlake Ave., commencing at 6:00 p.m. A little earlier if you want food.

PNA Masters Secretary, Neal A. Stoddard

PNA Masters Secretary, Neal A. Stoddard