PNTF MASTERS COMMITTEE MINUTES - September 20, 2009 (Annual Meeting)

PNTF MASTERS COMMITTEE MINUTES - Sept. 20, 2009 (Annual Meeting)

Present: George, Neal, Carole, Ken & Jonah

Minutes from the June 5, 2009 Meeting were approved as presented

Treasurer's Report:
Balance as of June 5, 2009: $7,783.49 minus the following: $420.00 for Parks fees on the Seattle Classic, $11.66 for donuts on June 6, $6.49 for donuts on July 18, $12.03 for safety pins on July 18, $255.11 for food for the officials on July 18, $199.86 for the Officials picnic on July 5 and $50.00 for the Decathlon sanction fee, leaving a balance as of August 13 of $6,826.34. Minus the following, $100.00 for the starter on July 18, $400.00 for the Officials Association - July 18 for the Starter (shells) for the Decathlon, the preceding three items not on Gwen's report yet leaving a balance through Sept. 20, 2009 of $6,628.34.

Events of 2009:
Spring Fling & Racewalk: April 25, tremendous events and 9 events in the Fling
Seattle Parks 30+: June 6, heat sheets were very slow
Seattle Classic: July 18, went well again
Master's Decathlon (National): Aug. 15-16 at King's H.S., went well again although the pole vault ran long and lighting was a problem but a little creative thinking took care of the problem. 80 competitors.
Nat'l Ultra Weight Championships: Aug. 22-23 to be held in Portland.

New Business:
Budget for 2010 was approved
Seattle Classic will be part of the Washington State Games - proposed date of July 17, 2010
SMAC equipment purchase request, $976.00 for 3 javelins & A 25# weight for George, passed
Road Race Championships for 2010: we're going to use the 'Open' Championships which include and an additional distance. 5K Run of the Mill, 8K Beat the Bridge, 10K Railroad Days, Half Marathon Super Jock 'n Jill and (new) 15 miler Fort Steilacoom.

2010 Events:
Racewalk of April 24 and move the Spring Fling to Aug. 21(?)
Seattle Parks 30+ to June 5
Seattle Classic to July 17
US Masters Outdoor Championships July 22-25 in Sacramento
PNTF X/C Championships
Bid for Nat'l Club Championships for 2010 or 2011 at Jefferson Golf Course

Next Meeting will be held at Bob & Carole's on Dec. 20, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. (one hour before the convention get together.

PNA Masters Secretary, Neal A. Stoddard