Present George (MC), Bill (VC) Neal Carole and Bob

Minutes from the April 2, 2010 Minutes approved following these two
additions & corrections.
Added that Bill would do the procedures for age group relays for the
Masters Meet and that the registration for both Masters Meets would be on line.

Treasurer's Report:
Balance as of April 2, 2010 $9,70587 with the following transactions:
Racewalk sanction $50.00, $1,000.00 for SMAC equipment (will pickup javelins
shortly), Seattle Classic sanction of $75.00 and park fee of $630.00,
Pentathlon sanction of $50.00 and park fee of $280.00 leaving a balance of
$7,620.87 as of June 16, with an addition of $17.74 since the General Fund paid
for our dinner invitation leaving a balance of $7,638.61.

Seattle Parks 30+ - June 5: Errors on the results, need to check on
before they are placed on the website.
Seattle Classic - July 17:
Registration: Need to e-mail all Masters for on-line registration.
George will check with Patti.
Officials Carole is working on obtaining same with assistance from the
FrontRunners and their contact with the U.S. Navy.
Awards USATF Association medals plus mylar PNW Seattle Masters Classic
on back at $1.25 each. Relay Championship, must be a PNTF registered club
from Washington.
Other: No place on Subway shirt for our logo, so will let it go this year.
Looking for massage therapist and medical person. Will also check on food
through Subway.
SMAC '9' Pentathlon - August 21 : Regional medals with mylar on back.

New Business: Request for MUT funds, $800.00 approved, $275.00 for 1st and
$125.00 for 2nd for both M/F Masters. Approved. Also, for the 2011 for the
Seattle Classic Regional. George will check at the Hayward Classic for
information that this would be a three way Meet and 1 day. Regional,
Association and Washington Games.

Next Meeting TBD
PNTF Masters Secretary, Neal A. Stoddard