The next PNTF Board Meeting will be held on November 19, 2007 at the College Club, 5th and Madison, in Seattle. Note that this will be our last meeting here as the College Club has been sold and will be torn down early next year. The meeting will start at 7:00 p.m. Dinner can be taken in the College Club Lounge prior to the meeting. For those who would like to get the minutes by e-mail, please tell me your e-mail address, or e-mail If you no longer wish to receive this, please e-mail me or phone 206-433-8868 to be removed.

Minutes of the PNTF Board Meeting of October 15, 2007

Prior to the meeting, Carole Langenbach had cupcakes and Silk (soymilk) for those with recent or upcoming birthdays: Bob Springer, Darlene Hickman, and Patti Petesch.

President Patti Petesch called the meeting to order in the Arctic Room of the College Club at 7:00 p.m. She asked those present to introduce themselves. Present were: Nicole McRae Petty (welcome back from Las Vegas), Asha Dean, Char Engelhardt, Neal Stoddard, Bob Springer, Bill Hickman, Darlene Hickman, Carole Langenbach, Gwen Robertson, Stan Chraminski, Bob Bowman, Tom Cotner, Paul Merca, and Bob Langenbach.

    1. Minutes: The September 19 PNTF Annual Meeting Minutes were approved as published on the web site. Note: The PNTF minutes for the last several years are posted on the PNTF web site,
    2. Treasurer's Report: Gwen Robertson handed out her Treasurer's report. The report was approved unanimously. The totals as of October 13, 2007 were Youth - $9,204.30; Open - $7,150.73; Open Chairman's Fund -- $881.00; Masters - $6,718.13; General (officials) - $1,162.88; Fred Dean Youth Travel Fund -- $13,117.30; and General - $12,800.25. There had not been a lot of activity in the past month.
    3. President's Report: President Patti Petesch said that Sealth High School's Pole Vault landing pads are inadequate, as are the other Seattle Public High School PV landing pads. Negotiations with the PNTF Youth Committee have resulted in the Youth paying the cost of replacing Sealth's, up to $5,000. The PNTF Youth Committee will have control of when to buy, and from whom. She mentioned a student from Aberdeen HS had contacted her for help from the PNTF in building a javelin runway. She suggested several companies and people to him to get help. She then briefly mentioned some items from the Association Workshop.
    4. Vice President's Report: Char Engelhardt said the College Club has been sold. It will be demolished early next year, so we will need another place for the PNTF Annual Awards Banquet. Could anyone suggest to her a good place to hold it. Secretary's comment: We'll also need a place for the PNTF Board Meetings to be held.
    5. Membership: Janell Kaufman had e-mailed her membership counts to Carole Langenbach. Youth 1103, Open 244, Masters 383, and 44 Clubs.
    6. Office Manager: Carole Langenbach said she had received the new PNTF credit cards for Patti and herself.
    1. Fred Dean Youth Travel Fund: Patti Petesch said she has nothing new to report.
    2. PNTF Annual Banquet: Char reported about the College Club not being available in her Vice President's Report above. USATF Annual Meeting: Carole reported that she has added Bob Bowman and Paul Merca as delegates from PNTF. She has had to submit the PNTF tax return, the Minutes of the PNTF Annual Meeting, the PNTF Bylaws, the Washington Secretary of State's renewal of PNTF as an organization, and a list of all the Association, Regional, and National Championships PNTF has held since the last USATF Annual Meeting. Carole listed all the delegates from PNTF to the Annual Meeting: Patti Petesch, Char Engelhardt, Becca Gillespy, Bill Hickman, Darlene Hickman, Kenny Emerick, Ray Christiansen, Judy Christiansen, Bob Springer, Bob Bowman, Paul Merca, Asha Dean, and Kwajalein Griffin. The PNTF office received the USATF Association Accreditation Manual. PNTF had gotten good marks in everything. She also brought up the PNTF Association delegates caucus time. It was decided that the caucus would be Wednesday evening sometime after dinnertime. She also raised the question of how much money PNTF should spend for its famous hospitality, always just before the Jesse Owens Award Banquet. After some discussion, the upper limit will be $750. Patti asked Char to lead the delegate meeting on Wednesday evening.
    3. Active Athlete Selection Bylaws Change: Carole had written up the proposed change to Article 9, Board of Directors, Paragraph A, Item 5. This change had been sent out at the bottom of the previous minutes, and also on the agenda for the October PNTF Board Meeting. a.. The Board of Directors of PNTF shall be composed as follows
    4. Three Active Athletes (18 and over) selected by the officers selected from a pool of PNTF athletes who have attended meetings during the previous 12-month period.
      Note: new wording is underlined
      After minor discussion, it was moved to accept, seconded, and approved unanimously. Secretary's note: the entire PNTF Bylaws are at
    1. PNTF Newsletter: Carole said that she had checked with Sherry Quack of the National Office, and Associations MUST send out at least one newsletter each year. It can be done by e-mail, if possible, and by US mail for those with no e-mail address. Carole will prepare it. She needs a paragraph each from Bill Roe, Patti Petesch, Bob Springer, and Janell Kaufman to flesh it out.
    2. PNTF Cross Country and USATF cards: The race will be on October 28, three days before the 2008 come available on November 1. Usually, the race is in November, so a card for the following year (2008 in this case) would be available and qualify for the race. After some discussion, it was moved to let people sign up for the 2008 card if they have no 2007 card and compete. Seconded and approved unanimously.
    1. Youth: Doug Chandler was not present, but Char said that the Regional JO meet would be July 5-6, over the July 4th Holiday weekend in 2008. She said ALL Regions must hold the meet the same days next year. There is also a concern because the Nike sponsored Border Clash Cross Country conflicts with the JO Regional XC Meet. She is trying to get this conflict solved, but is having no success. She mentioned that the Youth Committee would be contributing to the new PV landing pads at Sealth, as Patti mentioned in the President's Report. Patti then talked about how there was a scheduling conflict with the hammer throw at the Regional JO's PNTF hosted. She will be working to get throwers waived through to the Regionals. The Youth Committee is making sure its information is placed on the PNTF web site in numerous places.
    2. Open: Tom Cotner said the PNTF Cross Country Championships would be Sunday, October 28th at Lower Woodland Park. The Regional Cross Country will be Sunday November 18th, also at Lower Woodland Park. The PNTF 10 km Road Championships were at the Issaquah Salmon Days race. Alysun Deckert and Ahrlin Bauman were the champions. PNTF has qualified several athletes for the Olympic Marathon Trials. Marlene Farrell ran 2:46:48 to sneak under the B standard of 2:47:00 at the Trishathon at Green Lake. Sean Sundwall ran 2:18 to make the "A" standard at the St. George Marathon. Congratulations Sean and Marlene!
    3. MUT: Scott McCoubry was not present, but Tom said that PNTF's MUT Committee had put on 4 races for the PNTF Trail Championship.
    4. Masters: Ken Weinbel was not present, but Neal Stoddard said the committee held their meeting October 1st. The National Masters Weight and Super Weight Championships and the Ultra Weight Pentathlon were held October 6th. The PNTF Masters Cross Country Championships (6 km) will be held October 28th at Lower Woodland Park. The Regional Cross Country Championships, combined with the US vs. Canada Challenge for the Farquharson Cup, will be held Sunday November 18th. The regional races will be a combined 6 km for women and 8 km for men. PNTF has submitted a bid for the Seattle Masters AC to put on the National Weight and Super Weight and Ultra Weight Pentathlon for 2010 and 2011. The PNTF champions from the Salmon Days 19 km were Michael Lynes and Alysun Deckert. David Cannon won the M50 National 5 km Cross Country at Saratoga Springs in 15:58.
    5. Race Walk: Stan Chraminski said the Racewalking scene has been quiet except for the 2nd Sunday around Green Lake walks.
    6. Officials:
      1. Rules: Bill Hickman said this year is an L&L year at the USATF Annual Meeting, but since the IAAF has changed some rules, USATF must address those changes that affect the "big deal" meets.
      2. IAAF: Bill Hickman said Bob Bowman was re-elected to the IAAF RW Committee. Bill also commented that at the "big deal" meets, the weights and measures official must identify what implement was thrown by each athlete for each throw.
      3. USADA: Bill Hickman reported on Marion Jones's plea and her admitting using drugs and returning her Olympic medals.
      4. USATF Annual Meeting: Bill Hickman announced that PNTF would have three voting delegates at the meeting. He will be the head, but since he will be involved in L&L a lot of the time, he will give his vote to Bob Springer. Darlene Hickman and Ray Christiansen will be the other two voting members. He proudly announced that Darlene Hickman is one of the 10 finalists for the Andy Bakjian Award. Bill said he is on the USATF CEO evaluation committee.
      5. Training: Bill Hickman said that the PNTF officiating clinics will be an 8 hour session on February 9, 2008 at Seattle Parks, 100 Dexter Ave. N, and in Tacoma for two 4 hour sessions February 11 and 25, 2008 at University of Puget Sound.
      6. PNTFOA: Neal Stoddard reported there had been no meeting. Bob Springer said he and Geof Newing and Andy Newing met with the U of Washington to discuss the indoor and outdoor schedule and meet time schedules. The schedule is posted on the UW web site,
        12/01/07 UW Early Opener Dempsey Indoor,
        01/19/08 UW Indoor Preview Dempsey Indoor
        02/01/08 UW Invitational Dempsey Indoor
        02/02/08 UW Invitational Dempsey Indoor
        02/16/08 Husky Classic Dempsey Indoor
        02/17/08 UW Open Meet Dempsey Indoor
        02/29/08 MPSF Indoor Championships Dempsey Indoor
        03/01/08 MPSF Indoor Championships Dempsey Indoor
        03/28/08 Husky Outdoor Preview Husky Stadium
        05/10/08 Ken Shannon Invitational Husky Stadium
    7. Web Report: Bob Springer said Mark had redone the home page to make it easier to find information. He is trying to get the HS and college and university schedules. Char commented that Mark had modified some of her brochures, inserting links instead of listing the information on the PNTF site. Bob said he would check into this to see how the information can be shown in both ways.
    8. Associations Committee: Bill Roe was not present.
    9. USATF BoD: Bill Roe was not present. Paul Merca reported that Brad Walker, ex UW Pole Vaulter and World Champion is a finalist for the Jesse Owens Award.

Carole Langenbach said Pete Newing had been hospitalized for a bleeding ulcer the last day of his Hawaii cruise. He is fine now. The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Langenbach
PNTF Secretary