The next PNTF Board Meeting will be January 21, 2008 at the Seattle Parks and recreation Building, 100 Dexter Ave. North in Seattle. If you no longer wish to receive this, please e-mail me or phone 206-433-8868 to be removed.

Minutes of the PNTF Board Meeting of November 19, 2007

President Patti Petesch called the meeting to order in the Arctic Room of the College Club at 7:06 p.m. Those present were: Patti Petesch, Char Engelhardt, Janell Kaufman, Neal Stoddard, Bob Springer, Bill Hickman, Darlene Hickman, Carole Langenbach, Stan Chraminski, Tom Cotner, Kenny Emerick, Paul Merca, Doris Heritage, and Bob Langenbach.

    1. Minutes: Bill Hickman had a correction to the minutes of the October 15th Board Meeting. Under item I. C. President's Report, President Petesch stated the Pole Vault landing pads are inadequate "as they do not conform to USATF standards." The minutes were approved as corrected. Note: The PNTF minutes for the last several years are posted on the PNTF web site,
    2. Membership Report: Janell Kaufman announced that 2008 would be her last year. Her first year was 2001. The PNTF Board has 10 months to find a replacement. She handed out her Account Report for 2007. Since PNTF charged $30, and USATF charges $29.95, she distributed the extra nickel as a contribution to the age group the member belonged. There were 44 clubs this year, 1105 Youth, and 646 Adults. The PNTF membership was up, but there were fewer clubs. She is writing a check for $22,037.35 to PNTF for the Treasurer to distribute to the committees. It was moved and seconded to approve the report. Approved unanimously.
    3. Treasurer's Report: Gwen Robertson was not present, but had faxed her report to Carole to hand out. The report was approved unanimously. The totals as of November 16, 2007 were Youth - $9,204.30; Open - $6,722.73; Open Chairman's Fund -- $881.00; Masters - $5,600.37; General (officials) - $1,162.88; Fred Dean Youth Travel Fund -- $13,117.30; and General - $12,273.34.
    4. President's Report: President Patti Petesch discussed the Pole Vault pads at Southwest Complex (Sealth). The Youth Committee will donate up to $5,000 if Seattle Parks will write off the rental charges for the Youth to use the Seattle Parks and Recreation facilities. She met with the project manager for West Seattle on the next round of improvements. A new concessions area and seating and restroom for the disabled are next in line for construction/renovation.
    5. Vice President's Report: Char Engelhardt had no report.
    6. Office Manager: Carole Langenbach said Pacific Association's Lori Maynard had passed away and had a sympathy card for people to sign for her husband Sonny. Lori was an outstanding RaceWalker, throws official, and instrumental in getting Stanford University to hold several USATF T&F and Cross Country Championships. She will be missed. Carole also asked who from PNTF should be assigned to the various USATF Committees for inclusion in the USATF Directory. She was able to fill the positions.
    1. Fred Dean Youth Travel Fund: Patti Petesch said the managers of the Fund met and agreed if the fund reaches $15,000, it will start making grants in 2008.
    2. PNTF Annual Banquet: Char said the Banquet would be February 8, 2008. Carole had done research for and come up with Barnaby's and the Best Western River's Edge, both in Tukwila. After some discussion of the two, it was moved and seconded that the Best Western be selected. Approved unanimously. The charge will be $25 and the menu choices will be chicken, salmon, or vegan. Char will finalize the contract and send out the invitations.
    3. USATF Annual Meeting: Carole gave Char and Patti the list of PNTF delegates and their assignments to various committees. It was decided that the PNTF Caucus would be held at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday November 28th.
    1. December Board Meeting: There will be no formal meeting, but an informal potluck and USATF Annual Meeting wind-down will be held at Lawrie and Gwen Robertson's in Issaquah at 2 p.m. on Sunday December 9th.
    2. Future PNTF Board Meeting Site: Bob Langenbach said that Char had found in her search for the PNTF Annual Awards Banquet site that The College Club will be torn down. He had received e-mails from Bill Roe suggesting Sand Point and Dr. James Fields suggesting the Seattle Park Department main office or the Seattle Public Library. After some discussion, it was moved that the meetings be at the Seattle Parks Dept. building, 100 Dexter Ave. N., Seattle as there is adequate free parking and it is somewhat centrally located. Seconded and approved.
    3. Directors and Officers Insurance: Carole mentioned that it would be free from USATF for Associations properly incorporated with their state, but it must be requested. It was moved, seconded and passed that PNTF request the insurance. President Petesch asked Carole to e-mail Andy Martin at USATF to request it.
    4. Falcon Track Club: Doris Heritage asked if it was important that the Falcons continue as a USATF Club? They don't have any competing members, or any other than a couple of members right now. It was suggested that the Falcons just maintain their incorporation with the Washington Secretary of State each year. Incorporation is difficult to renew if it lapses, but a club can always rejoin USATF with no trouble, other than the yearly fee.
    1. Youth: Doug Chandler was not present, but Kenny Emerick reported for him. The Youth set the T&F schedule for 2008 at their last meeting. The PNTF T&F will be June 27-28, and the Regional JO on July 5-6. The Cross Country schedule will include only the PNTF meet and not the Regional. He thanked those who helped at the PNTF XC meet. It went very well and lots advanced to the Regional at Sandy OR, which was wet and miserable. PNTF had 424 at the Regional, of which 243 advanced to the National XC in Kansas.
    2. Open: Tom Cotner said Uli Steidel won both the Association and the Regional XC meets which PNTF hosted at Lower Woodland. Sarna Becker won the Association, and Susan Den Huuse won the Regional. PNTF's Mike Sayenko finished in 2:18 at the USATF Olympic Marathon Trials in NYC. Jessica Pixler won the NCAA Div II XC with SPU women finishing a second team. Tom looked up how many National Championships were won by PNTF members this year. It was an astounding 14!
    3. Masters: Ken Weinbel was not present, but Neal Stoddard reported that George Mathews would be the new head of the Seattle Masters AC. The US runners won the US vs. Canada challenge for the Farquharson Cup. Alyssa Tower and Mike Lynes won both the Association and Regional XC meets.
    4. RaceWalk: Stan Chraminski said the PNTF RW Championship would be April 26th at West Seattle in combination with the Spring Fling.
    5. Race Walk: Stan Chraminski said the Racewalking scene has been quiet except for the 2nd Sunday around Green Lake walks.
    6. Officials:
      1. Officiating: Bill Hickman thanked the PNTF officials for their great job at the Cross Country races the PNTF hosted.
      2. PNTFOA: Neal reported the officials had their November meeting. They have purchased new tires for the equipment trailer. The first indoor meet will be December 1, 2007 at the UW in the Dempsey facility. They have scheduled the PNTFOA Annual Meeting on January 26, 2008 at the Touchdowns Sports Bar and Grill (formerly All City Diner) in Renton.
      3. Certification and Training: There will be two "Introduction to Officiating" classes, one at Seattle Parks and Rec on February 9th, and a two-session class of four hours each evening on February 11th and 25th at UPS in Tacoma. Bob Springer announced that he, Lawrie Robertson, and Peter Thompson are producing a new DVD for the "Introduction to Officiating" class for 2008.
    7. Web Report: Bob Springer said Mark Alexander will put pdf's or doc's on the web site instead of some of the links to other sites as he has done for some events in the past.
    8. Associations Committee: Bill Roe was not present.
    9. USATF BoD: Bill Roe was not present.
    10. Paul Merca reported the UW women were 8th at the NCAA Cross Country Championships.

Carole Langenbach said she would write a thank you letter to The College Club thanking them for hosting the PNTF Board Meetings and many PNTF Award Banquets over the past years.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:31 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Langenbach
PNTF Secretary