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    Officials Code of Ethics

    As a Certified Track & Field Official, I take pride in serving as a skilled professional in service to the sport of track and field in all its disciplines. I will ensure the integrity of certified officials by adhering to a Code of Ethics to direct my officiating practice. This Code guides every Certified Track & Field Official to:

  1. Maintain a Positive Athlete-Centered Approach to Officiating
    I will seek to ensure that every athlete receives courteous, objective and impartial officiating as a means of insuring a fair competition for all. I will exercise appropriate common sense and judgment - instilling confidence in my integrity, objectivity, impartiality, consistency and knowledge. In dealing with athletes and coaches I will act professionally being positive, proactive and polite. I will be friendly and diplomatic. I will maintain a calm demeanor. I will keep the safety of athletes, officials and spectators in the forefront at all times.

  2. Be Punctual
    I will respond quickly to invitations to officiate and commit to those events I am sure I can work. I will honor every officiating commitment and accept any assignment required while at the event. I will arrive on time (at least 30 minutes prior to the first call for the events I've committed to work) I will start the event on time and upon completion make sure results are promptly submitted.

  3. Be Prepared
    I will come prepared to officiate for the duration of the events I committed to officiate. I will review the appropriate rulebook for the events I am to officiate. I will be prepared for changes in the weather (rain gear, extra clothing, sun block) so I am capable of completing my assigned tasks.

  4. Wear the Appropriate Uniform
    I will come to the event dressed appropriately and maintain a professional appearance at all times. The National Uniform should be worn at all National Championships.
    • 1) National Uniform Polo
    • 2) Khaki slacks, shorts or skirts
    • 3) Brown or khaki belt
    • 4) White shoes and socks
    • 5) National Photo ID
    • 6) Hat (outdoors)
    • 7) National Uniform Jacket or navy blue jacket

    • Your hat when worn is part of your uniform. It may contain your official certification pin or meet pin only.

  5. Be Professional toward Colleagues
    I will not cause any embarrassment or hamper the efforts of my fellow officials. I will not publicly yell at, or berate any official, athlete, or coach. I will not interfere with the duties assigned to another. I will not publicly question the performance of another official. Every official is offering her/his most precious resource --- time. Each gift should be respected an honored.

  6. Smoking, Drugs and Alcoholic Beverages
    I will not smoke or chew tobacco in the vicinity of the competition area or anywhere near the spectators or athletes. I will have no alcoholic beverages or drugs prior to officiating the meet, during the meet or while being identified as a meet official.