Jan. 13, 2009 - Seattle Parks and Rec

MINUTES - Youth PNA Meeting, January 13, 2009 7:00pm, Seattle Parks
'n Rec

IN ATTENDANCE - Asha Dean (SCAA), Char Engelhardt, Kenny Emerick, Patti
Petesch, Doug Chandler (PNA); Holly & Darryl Genest (FWTC); Tom Potter
(SRC); Kwajalein Griffin (RBTC)

MINUTES - Minutes of the November 11th meeting were approved.

TREASURER'S REPORT - Char Engelhardt reported as of 12/31/08 that
the Youth committee has $10,314.2 in checking; $16,157 in a CD; $23,316
in a money market (not a final report). She also noted that not all the
expenses from the USATF National Convention had been turned in yet and
she was still waiting for an invoice for the x-c awards.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS - Ken Emerick announced that at the USATF
National Convention Char Engelhardt received the USATF Presidential
Award for all her years of service.

And Darlene Hickman received the Gigengack Award, which is the highest
award given to a non-athlete in USATF.

Congratulations Char and Darlene...very, very well-deserved!!

TRACK -2009 Club registration will be due by April 30, 2009. Cost is
$50. Late fees for returning clubs will be $100.

2009 Tentative Youth Track Schedule
May 2 - Rainier Beach meet @ Rainier Beach High School
May 9 - Wings of Eagles meet @ TBA
May 16 - L. Berry meet (Seattle clubs only)
May 23 - open
May 30 - Cascade Striders meet (possibly May 16th) @ Sammamish High
June 5 & 6 - J.O. combined events (intermediate, young wo/men) @
Stevens High School
June 6 - SCAA Fred Dean Invite @ Sealth High School
June 13th - South Kitsap meet @ South Kitsap High School
June 20th - Flying AJ's meet @ TBA
June 21 - J.O. combined events (bantam, midget, youth) @ Yelm High
June 27 & 28 - J.O. Associations @ Sealth High School
July 9-12 - JO Regionals @ Willamette University, Salem, OR
July 18 - SeaTown meet @ TBA
July 27-Aug 2 - JO Nationals @ N. Carolina A&T State University,
Greensboro, NC
2010 JO Track Nationals will be in Sacramento, CA

Patti Petesch mentioned that there are other youth track meets
available this summer and that she will meet with our Web Master to have
links to these other meets added to our web site.

CROSS COUNTRY - Darryl Genest gave a thorough review of the cross
country season and JO series. The Association and Regional meets were
well-marked, well-staffed and well-run. We received many compliments
from Inland Empire and Oregon. Thank you to all who helped make it

Nationals was one of the best! Well-marked, well-staffed...even on
Friday during the course preview. Darryl extended a thank you to the
youth committee for approving the cost for the tent and heater. It was
well used!

From our Association alone, we had a lot of success stories at
Nationals: 21 All-Americans (top 25 in the nation); a national champion
in the Young Men's race - Julian Blake Cowan/FWTC; 2nd place Bantam
Girls - Rain City Flyers; 2nd place Bantam Boys - FWTC; 1st place Young
Women FWTC.

There were 279 runners at the Association meet, 435 at Regionals; 1979
at Nationals. The numbers for Association and Regional were up slightly
over 2007 (234 and 414 respectively), but the numbers for Nationals were
down - 2,206 in '07.

2009 X-C Junior Olympic schedule
Nov 14 - JO Association, Woodland Park, Seattle
Nov 21 - JO Regionals, Spokane, Plantes Ferry Sports Field
Dec 12 - JO Nationals, Reno, NV

2010 X-C Junior Olympic Nationals will be held in Hoover, Alabama (fly
into Birmingham).

BACKGROUND CHECKS - Patti Petesch mentioned that starting this year we
will be using a new background screening company, TCLogic. We will be
able to register our youth coaches/volunteers online. The clubs will be
notified if the person passes and will be posted to the website
immediately. More details to come as it becomes available. Cost is $8
per person. A motion was passed that the Youth PNA will reimburse the
clubs for the background checks.

NEW BUSINESS - Nominations for Youth Contributor of the Year are:
Joanne Hartman (Issaquah Gliders); Sharon LaSpada (Cascade Striders);
the Newing family (finish line crew): Sally Bergeson (Team Oiselle); and
Vic Roberson (RBTC). The Youth Contributor of the Year will be
announced at the PNA Banquet on Saturday, February 7th.

OLD BUSINESS - Kenny reported how the recommended rule changes fared at
the National Convention: none passed. He will bring up the recommended
rule changes again at the next opportunity which is in two years.

OFFICIALS' TRAINING - There will be two official's training clinics
coming up: an all-day clinic on Saturday, February 7th at Seattle Parks
'n Rec; and a second one is being offered in two parts: February 9th
and 23rd at the UPS Fieldhouse 5pm-9pm each day. Cost $25.

2009 Meeting Schedule
February 10th - executive meeting, but everyone is welcome to attend
March 10th - all clubs' attendance requested - focusing on summer
April 14th - executive meeting, but everyone is welcome to attend
May 12th - executive meeting, but everyone is welcome to attend
June 9th - all clubs' attendance requested - finalizing Junior
September 8th - executive meeting, but everyone is welcome to attend
October/Sunday (exact date TBD) - annual meeting/all clubs'
attendance requested, planning 2010
November 10th - executive meeting, but everyone is welcome to attend

Holly Genest
Youth PNA Secretary
(253) 839-4964

Youth PNA Executive Committee: Asha Dean - Youth Chair; Patti Petesch -
Youth Vice-Track 'n Field Chair; Darryl Genest - Youth Vice-Cross
Country Chair; Char Engelhardt - Youth Treasurer; Holly Genest - Youth
Secretary; Doug Chandler - Past Youth Chair; Ken Emerick - Youth Chair