Jan. 12, 2010 - Seattle Parks and Rec


Youth PNA Meeting
January 12th, 2010 7pm
Seattle Parks 'n Rec Center

IN ATTENDANCE - Asha Dean (SCAA), Char Engelhardt, Kenny Emerick, Patti
Petesch, ; Holly & Darryl Genest (FWTC); Tom Potter (SRC); Linda
Sullivan (Cascade); Corey Battin and Jim Neff (Rain City) and Kwajalein
Griffin (RBTC).

MINUTES - Minutes of the November 10, 2009, meeting were approved.

TREASURER'S REPORT - Char Engelhardt reported as of 12/31/09, the
Youth PNA has $5613 in checking; $16,157 in a CD; and $23,319 in a money

CLUB REGISTRATION - Deadline for club registration is April 30th.
Returning clubs who register after May 1st will have to pay a $50 late

BACKGROUND CHECKS - Background checks must be completed every year for
all personnel who have 1-on-1 contact with the athletes. Procedures for
the background checks is available at
Please remember, if background checks are not processed for your
coaches, your USATF insurance will be void.

2010 TENTATIVE Youth Track Schedule
May 1 - Rainier Beach meet
May 8 - Wings of Eagles
May 15 - open (Lowell Berry meet for Seattle clubs only)
May 22 - SCAA meet
May 29 - open (HS State track)
June 5 - Cascade's meet
June 12 - South Kitsap meet
June 19th - Flying AJ's meet
June 20th - J.O. combined events (bantam, midget, youth)
June 26 & 27 - J.O. Associations
July 3 - SeaTown meet
July 8-11 JO Regionals @ Seattle
July 17 - SeaTown meet
July 24 - Flying AJ's meet
July 27-Aug 1 - JO Nationals @ Sacramento, CA

2011 JO Nationals - Wichita, Kansas

JO Advancement - eight (8) athletes will advance from the Association
meet to the Regional meet. Advancement from the Regional meet to
Nationals is unchanged (remains at 3).

Sub-bantams (age 7/8) - At the USATF National Meeting, a motion was
passed to add sub-bantams to the Junior Olympic competition for both
track and cross country effective in 2011.. In cross country they will
run a 2k. In track they will be limited to the following events: 100m,
200m, 400m, 1500m, 4x1, 4x4, long jump and shot put (2kg). The athlete
MUST be at least age 7 by the start of the JO National meet. Our
Association is considering adding a few sub-bantams events at the JO
Association and Regional meets this summer (but no relays), but only
after Char Engelhardt speaks to the Inland Empire and Oregon

Regional seeding - the top finishers from each Association meet (PNA,
IE, OR) will be seeded in the same heat at Regionals, regardless of

Drug testing - Random drug testing will now be administered at the JO
National meets for Youth B/G age groups in addition to Intermediate B/G
and Young M/W. Midget B/G could possibly be randomly tested as well.
Athletes drug clearance forms must be submitted prior to JO competition.

The JO Track National committee is considering adding a road race on
the final day of competition (Sunday), in which the race would finish on
the track. More details to come.

MEET SANCTIONS - Patti Petesch reminded those who intend to host a
track meet must get their meet(s) sanctioned by USATF.

CONCUSSION LAW - Clubs will need to educate their staff on the new
concussion law before the first practice, otherwise your school/field
may not clear you to use their facility. (A video for
coaches/administrators/board members will become available soon.) Patti
Petesch will be working on a concussion law statement that all clubs
need to add to their club registration forms. Both the parent and the
athlete must sign the form. And clubs who are hosting a track meet must
also incorporate a concussion law form with their meet registrations.

RISK MANAGEMENT - To reduce their risk/exposure, clubs must retain
athletes' registration forms until the athlete turn age 21. This also
pertains to meet registration forms as well.

YOUTH CONTRIBUTOR OF THE YEAR AWARD -Nominees for the 2009 Youth
Contributors of the Year: Asha Dean, Darryl Genest, Darryl & Holly
Genest, Ed Veiring and Joanne Hartman. The Youth award will be
presented at the Annual PNA awards banquet on February 6th at the
Embassy Suites, Tukwila.

OFFICIALS TRAINING - The next track 'n field officials training will
be Saturday, Feb 6th. Cost is $25. A motion was passed that the Youth
PNA will cover the cost of one attendee from each club.

CROSS COUNTRY - Darryl Genest reported that the numbers were down:
1882 in 2009 (Reno); 2200 in 2008 (Virginia); and 1980 in 2007 (Kansas).
There were some great performances for the PNA with 19 runners earning
the honors of All-American (top 25)!

2010 Youth Cross Country Junior Olympics Schedule
Nov 13 - JO Association, Seattle
Nov 20 - JO Regionals, hosted by the Oregon Association
2010 X-C JO Nationals, Hoover, Alabama (fly into Birmingham)
2011 X-C JO Nationals, Myrtle Beach, SC

Remaining 2010 Youth PNA Meeting Schedule - (meetings are held at
Seattle Parks 'n Rec at 7pm unless otherwise noted)
February 9th - Youth PNA Executive Board meeting
March 9th - Youth PNA Executive Board meeting
April 13th - full Youth PNA committee meeting
May 11th - Youth PNA Executive Board meeting
June 8th - full Youth PNA committee meeting
July 6th - Youth PNA Executive Board meeting
August 10th - Youth PNA Executive Board meeting
September 14 - Youth PNA Executive Board meeting
September 26th - annual PNA meeting; 2011 Youth planning meeting
October 12th - Youth Executive Board meeting
November 9th - full Youth PNA committee meeting
December 14th - Youth PNA Executive Board meeting

Holly Genest, Youth PNA Secretary