Apr. 13, 2010 - Seattle Parks and Rec

The next Youth PNA meeting is Tuesday, June 8th, 7pm at Seattle Parks 'n


Youth PNA Meeting - Executive Board
April 13th, 2010 7pm
Seattle Parks 'n Rec Center

IN ATTENDANCE - Asha Dean (SCAA), Kenny Emerick, Patti Petesch, Char
Engelhardt (PNA), Holly & Darryl Genest (FWTC); Glen Veneta, Byron
Orejuela, (Kent Olympians); Cliff Nixon; Roselyn LaMadrid, Rob Thomas
(Kent Xtreme Speed); Saunsu Henderson, Ryan Brady (Hill & Valley Wolf
Pack); Linda Sullivan, Maria Laidler (Cascade) Helen Woodke (Flying
AJs); Ron Knight (SCAA); Deino Scott (Overdrive); April Joseph (Speed
Unlimited); Tom Potter (Seattle Running Club): and Corey Batten, Jim
Neff (Rain City Flyers).

MINUTES - Minutes of the January 12th, 2010, meeting were approved with
the following change: "Returning clubs who register after May 1st will
have to pay an additional $100 late fee."

TREASURER'S REPORT - Char Engelhardt reported as of 5/10/10, the
Youth PNA has $253 in checking; $16,157 in a CD; and $23,319 in a money


2010 Youth Track Schedule
May 1 - Rainier Beach meet
May 8 - Wings of Eagles
May 22 - SCAA meet
June 5 - South Kitsap meet
June 12 - Cascade's meet
June 19th - Flying AJ's meet
June 20th - J.O. combined events (bantam, midget, youth)
June 26 & 27 - J.O. Associations
July 3 - SeaTown meet
July 8-11 JO Regionals @ Seattle
July 17 - SeaTown Relays meet
July 24 - Flying AJ's meet
July 27-Aug 1 - JO Nationals @ Sacramento, CA

2011 JO Nationals - Wichita, Kansas

JO Changes -Registration
Registration for the Association meet will be on paper. Coaches,
please note that you CANNOT sign the form. The form must be signed by
the athletes' parent or guardian.
Registration for the Regional and National meet will be online. More
details to come at the June meeting.

JO Changes - Sub Bantams
Sub-bantams (7-8 year olds) will be allowed at the JO Association and
Regional meets, but will NOT be eligible to advance to Nationals. The
athlete must be age 7 as of 7/27/2010.

Sub-bantams will be limited to the following events: 100m, 200m, 400m,
800m, 1500m, shot put and long jump. Effective in 2011, they will be
allowed to do the 4x100.

Effective in 2011, sub-bantams will be allowed to participate at
Nationals, and must be age 7 as of the first day of the National meet.

JO Changes - Advancements
All Associations in our Region (13) will advance 8 athletes from the
Associations meet to the Regional meet.

The top 3 finishers at Regionals will qualify for Nationals. If any of
the top 3 athletes don't wish to attend Nationals, the subsequent
finishers may advance to Nationals as long as they meet the qualifying

JO - Hammer
The hammer throw for the Association meet will be contested at West
Seattle Stadium. If you have an athlete competing in the hammer, please
note the location and schedule.

Drug Testing - Athletes ages 13+ are subject to random drug testing at
the JO National meet. If an athlete tests positive, they will be banned
for two years. If an athlete requires medication for a condition (i.e.
asthma), paperwork must be submitted with the JO entry form.

Concussion Law - Beginning with the 2010 youth track and field season,
all coaches, parents and athletes must read and comply with the new
Washington State Law regarding treating youth athletes that may suffer a
concussion while participating in practice and meets. All coaches must
view the concussions tutorial (
Parents and athletes must read and sign the Parent/Athlete information
sheet. The form only needs to be signed once in a lifetime. Coaches
must review/sign annually. Club administrators must keep this form on

Background Checks - Background checks must be completed every year for
all personnel who have 1-on-1 contact with the athletes. Procedures for
the background checks is available at
Please remember, if background checks are not processed for your
coaches, your USATF insurance will be void.

Remaining 2010 Youth PNA Meeting Schedule - (meetings are held at
Seattle Parks 'n Rec at 7pm unless otherwise noted)

June 8th - full Youth PNA committee meeting
July 6th - Youth PNA Executive Board meeting
August 10th - Youth PNA Executive Board meeting
September 14 - Youth PNA Executive Board meeting
September 26th - annual PNA meeting; 2011 Youth planning meeting
October 12th - Youth Executive Board meeting
November 9th - full Youth PNA committee meeting
December 14th - Youth PNA Executive Board meeting

Holly Genest, Youth PNA Secretary