Mar. 8, 2011 - Seattle Parks and Rec

IN ATTENDANCE - Asha Dean (SCAA), Patti Petesch, Char Engelhardt
(PNA), Holly Genest (FWTC); Linda Sullivan, Jim Lilly, Maria Laidler
(Cascade); Corey Battin (Rain City Flyers); April Joseph (Speed
Unlimited); Roselyn LaMadrid, Rob Thomas (Xtreme Speed); Vic Roberson
(RBTC); Tom Potter;

TREASURER'S REPORT - Char Engelhardt reported the the Youth PNA has
$4013 in checking; $16,158 in a CD; and $23,322 in a money market.

MINUTES - minutes of the January 18th, 2011, meeting were approved.


Patti Petesch distributed the attached Youth Club flyer which reminds
clubs about registration, USATF memberships, registration for Junior
Olympics, Washington State concussion law, background checks and meets

Patti reported that a track sub-committee had been formed to help
improve the summer developmental track meets. The purpose of forming
the committee was to come up with a recommended meet schedule which
would keep the meet within a managable timeframe yet still provide a
variety of events; create consistency meet to meet; improve award
distribution; and to help the athletes/coaches/parents prepare for
bigger competition (especially learning to juggle two conflicting events
- checking out for one event, checking in for another event, and then
returning to the original event).

The committee presented the following recommended meet schedule:

9:00 hurdles - RBTC, SCAA, Cascade, Flying AJ/Xtreme meets
racewalk - Wings and Cascade meets
9:15 4x800 relay - Wings and Cascade meets only
9:30 100 prelims - all meets
11:00 1500m - RBTC, SCAA, Cascade meets
3000m - Wings and AJ's meets
11:30 50m (mini-bantams only) all meets
12:00 100m finals - all meets
12:30 400m - all meets
1:30 4x100 - all meets
2:30 800m - all meets
3:15 200m - all meets
4:15 4x400 - all meets

FIELD EVENTS - 3 attempts only; no finals; run two pits
9:30 long jump (youth+) - all meets
10:30 long jump (mini-bantams) - all meets
11:30 long jump (sub-bantams) - all meets
12:30 long jump (bantams) ) - all meets
1:30 long jump (midgets) ) - all meets

9:00 shot put (sub-bantams) - all meets
9:30 shot put ( bantams) - all meets
10:00 shot put (midgets) - all meets
11:00 shot put (youth+) - all meets

12:00 discus (all ages) - RBTC and SCAA meets only

10:30 high jump (all ages; starting at opening height) - all meets

1:00 turbo javelin (sub-bantams) - all meets
1:30 turbo javelin ( bantams) - all meets
2:30 turbo javelin (midgets) - all meets
3:00 javelin (youth +) - all meets

Other recommendations pertaining to meet management:
- Ask that all hosting clubs use for registration.
Unattached athletes will need to email their entries to the meet
- Registration cutoff to be Wednesday at 10pm prior to the meet.
- No day of registration.
- No refunds for scratches.
- Midgets and younger - 3 events max. including relays; Youth & older -
4 events max. including relays.
- 1/4" spikes
- Finals to be conducted for the 100m only (except mini bantams); all
other running events are timed finals.
- Once the meet begins, events may run up to 30 minutes ahead of
- Heats to be run girls first, boys second.
- Field event competitors will receive three attempts; no finals.
- Participants to provide their own implements.
- Concessions, first aid and warm-up area to be made available.
- 800m will have lane assignments; 3-turn stagger
- 1500m/3000m to have a waterfall start
- keep infield free of athletes/coaches (to the best of their ability)
- Awards: offer a window for coaches and a separate window for
athletes to p/u awards.
Coaches to p/u relay ribbons.
Give the mini-bantams their ribbons on the track for the 50m and
Give out ribbons for fields events at the respective venues.
- All USATF rules apply.

A motion was passed to accept the recommended schedule as presented.

Patti Petesch thanked the track sub-committee, those who gave up many
evenings and shared their ideas and knowledge: Helen Woodke of Flying
AJ's; Asha Dean & Patrick Carter of SCAA; Linda Sullivan, Jim Lilly
and Maria Laidler of Cascade Striders; April Joseph of Speed Unlimited;
Darryl & Holly Genest of Federal Way Track Club; Patti Petesch of the
PNA and Youth PNA.

Remaining 2011 Youth PNA Meeting Schedule - meetings are held at
Seattle Parks 'n Rec at 7pm unless otherwise noted
Tues, May 10th - FULL Youth PNA committe meeting
Tues, June 14th - FULL Youth PNA committee meeting
Tues, July 12th - Youth PNA Executive Board meeting
Tues, Aug 9th - Youth PNA Executive Board meeting
Tues, Sept 13th - Youth PNA Executive Board meeting
Sunday, September 25th - annual planning meeting - FULL Youth PNA
committee meeting
Tues, Oct 11th - Youth Executive Board meeting
Tues, Nov 8th - FULL Youth PNA committee meeting
Tues, December 13th - Youth PNA Executive Board meeting

Holly Genest
Youth PNA Secretary

Youth PNA Officers - Asha Dean, Chair; Char Engelhardt, Treasurer;
Patti Petesch, Track Chair; Darryl Genest, Cross Country Chair; Holly
Genest, Secretary.