May 10, 2011 - Seattle Parks and Rec

N ATTENDANCE - Asha Dean (SCAA/PNA), Patti Petesch, Char Engelhardt,
Ken Emerick (PNA), Holly & Darryl Genest (FWTC); Sainsu & James
Henderson (Hill & Valley); April Joseph (Speed Unlimited);
Cheryl Taplin (SCAA); Helen Woodke (Flying AJs); Roselyn LaMadrid, Rob
Thomas (Xtreme Speed); Tom Potter; Jim Lilly, Maria Laidler, Vicki
Donnel, Stephany Bruner (Cascade).

MINUTES - minutes of the March 8th, 2011, meeting were approved.

TREASURER'S REPORT - Char Engelhardt reported the the Youth PNA has
$1792 in checking; $16,158 in a CD; and $23,323 in a money market.

JUNIOR OLYMPICS - Patti Petesch reminded everynone that registration
for the Junior Olympics is online only. Athletes must have a current
USATF card and their age must be verified by the membership chair,
before being able to register online. Please allow time for age

Registration deadline for the bantam, midget and youth Combined Events
is June 14th.

Registration for the June 25/26 meet is June 21st at noon.

Sub-bantams will be allowed at all JO meets, including Nationals. The
athlete must be age 7, or turning 7 by the end of the year. Sub-bantams
will be limited to the following events: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m,
4x100, 4x400, shot put, long jump and turbo javelin (300 grams).

Young men will no longer run at 5k during track. They will run the

The top 3 finishers at the Junior Olympic Association meet will advance
to Junior Olympic Regionals.

The top 5 finishers at Regionals advance to Junior Olympic Nationals.
For the multi-events, the top 2 finishers and any athlete who meets the
qualifying standards at the Junior Olympic Regional meet, will advance
to Junior Olympic Nationals.

BACKGROUND CHECKS - must be completed every year before club practice
begins for all personnel who have 1-on-1 contact with the athletes.
Coaches must have a current USATF membership. Once a membership is
purchased/renewed, please wait 24 hours before proceding with the
background check.

Patti Petesch thanked the track sub-committee, those who gave up many
evenings and shared their ideas and knowledge: Helen Woodke of Flying
AJ's; Asha Dean & Patrick Carter of SCAA; Linda Sullivan, Jim Lilly
and Maria Laidler of Cascade Striders; April Joseph of Speed Unlimited;
Darryl & Holly Genest of Federal Way Track Club; Patti Petesch of the
PNA and Youth PNA.

Remaining 2011 Youth PNA Meeting Schedule
Tues, June 14th - FULL Youth PNA committee meeting
Tues, July 12th - Youth PNA Executive Board meeting
Tues, Aug 9th - Youth PNA Executive Board meeting
Tues, Sept 13th - Youth PNA Executive Board meeting
Sunday, September 25th - annual planning meeting - FULL Youth PNA
committee meeting
Tues, Oct 11th - Youth Executive Board meeting
Tues, Nov 8th - FULL Youth PNA committee meeting
Tues, December 13th - Youth PNA Executive Board meeting


Holly Genest
Youth PNA Secretary

Youth Chair - Asha Dean
Youth Treasurer - Char Engelhardt
Youth Secretary - Holly Genest
Youth Track Chair - Patti Petesch
Youth Cross Country Country Chair - Darryl Genest
Youth Chair Emeritus - Ken Emerick; Doug Chandler