2007 USA Masters Weight & Superweight Championships>

Seattle Celebrates 15th Ultraweight Pentathlon, 10th Weight & Superweight National Championships

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On October 6th, 2007 Seattle was once again the site for USA Masters Weight & Superweight Championships and Ultraweight Pentathlon. The meet was held one month later due to consideration that the World Championships were being held at the same time in Italy this year. Participation was somewhat less possible due to the later date and the possibly that a so-called “exhibition” of the weight throw, for which national championship medals were given at the Masters Track & Field Championships held in Maine in August, took some competitors away.

Besides great performances by all athletes, the meet founder in Seattle, Ken Weinbel, was present. Ken, who turned 80 in September, had not been out of his home and/or hospital for the previous last 50 days. Ken's presence was warmly appreciated by all.

In the weight throw championships, M50 Jim Wettenhall turned in an outstanding throw of 18.40 in the 25# weight. Bob Ward won the M70 with a throw of 17.24 in the 16# weight. A fierce battle was waged in the M60 bracket between M60 Hank Konen, M61 Todd Taylor, and M64 George Mathews. Hank came out on top with an 18.87 toss of the 20# weight followed by George at 18.80 and Todd at 18.14.

In the super weight, the three 60+s were at it again. This time Mathews came out on top with a 9.80 throw of the 44# weight followed by Todd at 9.66 and Hank at 9.65. George will be very happy to turn 65 this summer. Then he can join M65 Bob Cahners, who set an American record in the 44# weight with a heave of 8.89.

Also in the men’s super weight, M50 Jim Wettenhall produced a giant 9.96 for the 56# weight. Other noteworthy performances were turned in by newcomer M36 Todd Nelson with a 7.03; M40 Tim Shannon, 8.70; M45 Jeff Crothers, 7.61; and M55 Dennis Cameron, 7.50 in the 56# weight.

In the women’s weight competition, W55 Joyce Taylor threw the 16# weight 10.50, followed by W50 Kathy Wettenhall with an 8.20. W60 Georgia Cutler produced an 11.83 in the 12# weight.

In the superweight, we had Joyce with a 7.81; Kathy, a 7.06; and Georgia, a 6.15, all in the 25# weight.

In a class by himself, M95 Leon Joslin scored a 5.35 for the 12# weight and 3.27 for the 25# weight. 1775 points in the ultraweight pentathlon. Leon also set an individual age record for the 1.5 discus at 11.87 and the 2k discus at 9.84. Congratulations Leon . We want to be just like Leon when we grow up.

Between the superweight and ultraweight pentathlon a catered barbeque lunch break for all the officials and athletes was presided over by Noele Weinbel.

The ultraweight pentathlon was held under the WMA Combined event format with three throws being given for each event. Special awards were contributed by Todd and Joyce Taylor for most points scored by a man and women. The men’s trophy was taken by Jim Wettenhall with a monstrous 5860 points. Jim had a 10.23 for the 56# and a 1.84 for the 300#. The women’s division honors were taken by Joyce Taylor at 4581. She won her own trophy.

American records were produced in the 44# weight by M70 Robin Herron, 4.60; M75 Doug Tomlinson, 5.82; and M95 Leon Joslin, 1.61. The women’s records for the 44# were: W45 Deborah Ecklund, 2.74; W50 Kathy Wettenhall, 3.64; W55 Joyce Taylor, 3.86; and W60 Georgia Cutler, 2.88.

Other outstanding performances were Hank Konen, 4336; Todd Taylor 5071; Bob Cahners, 4927; and Doug Tomlinson, 4471.

Seattle has again been awarded the championships for 2008. Hopefully the Ultraweight Pentathlon will been given Championship status at this year’s USATF Annual meeting and will again be part of the Weight and Superweight Championship meet. Tentative dates for this meet next year will be the Weight Championships, Superweight Championships and Hammer Exhibition on Friday, September 5, 2007, and the Ultraweight Pentathlon on Saturday, September 6th, 2007, followed by an awards banquet.

Special Thanks to the Pacific Northwest Association Officials who made this great meet possible. Especially to Carole and Bob Langenbach for their support both on and off the field; to Tim Edwards who traveled all the way from Colorado at his own expense to handle the computer duties; to Dick Hotchkiss for his generous contribution; and to Andy Martin at the USATF National office, who was a tremendous help in making this meet happen. Thank You All and to anyone I might have left out. We couldn’t do it without you.

Weight & Superweight results Excel file
Ultraweight results Excel file