PNTF Youth Chair

Code of Conduct

Sportsmanship Guidelines for Coaches, Parents, Athletes and Others

Coaches and parents are tremendous assets to our youth athletes in track and field/cross country and this association (PNTF) is extremely grateful for your cooperation, support and loyalty.  We expect athletes to hold themselves to high standards of sportsmanship as outlined in the USATF  Competition Rule Book and expect parents, coaches and others will themselves serve as role models for our youth athletes by exhibiting high standards of sportsmanship as well.  We must never lose sight of the fact that the participants in youth athletics are only “youngsters.”

Officials and meet management personnel are here to help make this a positive experience for everyone, especially the athletes.  Please treat them accordingly.  The following guidelines should be adhered to at all times by athletes, coaches, parents and others:

1)  Knowing and understanding the rules of track and field/cross country.
2)  Showing respect for officials and their decisions.
3) Showing respect for opponents at all times.
4) Recognizing and appreciating the varying skill levels of all athletes participating.
5) Maintaining self-control at all times.
6) Showing a positive attitude when cheering.

Sanctions may be considered toward parents, coaches, athletes and/or teams that do not adhere to these policies.

PNTF Youth Committee