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2013 Seattle Masters Classic/PNTF Association Masters & Open T&F Championship

2013 SMAC 9 Throws Championships & USA Masters Northwest Region Throws Championships

    August 24, 2013, West Seattle Stadium - UW and TP Scores, Detailed Results: Ultraweight Men, Ultraweight Women, Throws Pentathlon Group A, Throws Pentathlon Group B

    Suzie Wojcik, former co-owner of the National Masters News and former USATF National Masters Committee Vice-Chairwomen came out of retirement to compete in the annual SMAC 9 USATF Northwest Region Throws and Ultra weight Championships on August 24 at West Seattle Stadium. Suzie smashed the women’s 70-4 ultra weight record with a score of 3322 points. Suzie broke Carole Young’s record of 3212 set on August 8, 2010 at Lisle, Illinois. Suzie’s husband a former partner at National Masters News also competed in the men’s 80-84 group and had a very good mark of 2595. This group was won by Wayne Sabin with an outstanding 3783 points which was also the highest point score of any athlete in any age group. Another outstanding mark was produced by Lance Neubauer, men’s 50-4, who collected 3581 points in the event.

    In the throws pentathlon Monica Kendall’s (women’s 55-9) 4153 points lead all men’s and women’s competitors and came very close to Carol Finsrud’s recent American record of 4170. Wayne Sabin with 3884 points and Peter LaBarge’s (up from Texas) 3816 points were the top men’s marks. University of Great Falls Montana throws coach Alan Cress ( men’s 50-4) narrowly beat Lance Neubauer’s 3610 with 3700 points. Both were outstanding performances.

    The meet also served as a family affair for the Patterson family. George Senior and Junior traveled from California and George Jr’s son Jon traveled to the meet from Idaho. All three put significant performances to do this throwing family proud.

2013 USATF Pacific Northwest Masters Cross Country Championships

    November 3, Lower Woodland Park - Please check back here for registration and more information soon!





  • The Phidippides Award winners for October 2009 from the Pacific Northwest
    association are:
    Judy Fisher, age 66 from Auburn. Judy will receive the
    gold Phidippides Award for running 16 5km; 6 10km;
    and 8 half marathons.
    Bradley W. Nelson, age 41 from Renton. Bradley will
    receive the gold Phidippides Award for running 1 half
    marathon and 5 marathons.
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Hall of Fame Inductees: Bev LaVeck McCall (1996); Norm Bright (2000); Ken Weinbel (2002); Stephen Robbins (2005).


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